I endorse James Dickey for RPT Chairman

A Stronger Texas – I Endorse James Dickey as RPT Chairman

  • 02-12-2020
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The barbarians are at the gates, and Texas Republicans need strength now more than ever. Based on the results in the Iowa Caucuses last week, and the New Hampshire Primary yesterday, we are likely to see an actual dyed-in-the-wool communist as the Democrat nominee for President of the United States. The current Republican President, meanwhile, was Impeached right along partisan lines, with no actual allegations of criminal or impeachable conduct.

Were you waiting for another wake-up call? Is all this making you sleepy?

Every election is proclaimed to be the most important election of our lifetimes, and every election I point out that they’re right, because with every election our nation slides a little further, the situation becomes more dire, and the stakes get higher. This year is no exception. Texas is the bulwark of Liberty to which the rest of our nation looks—the home of the Alamo—and Texas needs a strong, whole Republican Party. This is one of the reasons Dennis Bonnen could not remain Speaker of the House.

Yet now, in 2020, we seem more interested in internecine warfare within the walls of the Republican Party of Texas, than in uniting as red-blooded Texians for Liberty and the advancement of conservative causes. We must absolutely hold our elected officials—and one another—accountable for criminal conduct, ethical violations, breaches of trust, and lousy leadership. Conversely, if we declare as an Enemy of the People (or a RINO) anyone who fails to measure up 100% to our own subjective ideological standards, every last one of us will eventually find ourselves alone on an island of one.

This is why I endorse James Dickey for Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. James has the experience, acumen, and the leadership to maintain a strong Republican Party, to engage conservatives who have never done anything but yell at the TV, and to strengthen us further. James is a proven leader, adept at building coalitions among conservatives whose concerns are overwhelmingly—even if not 100%–aligned. The role of RPT Chairman is that of an organizational leader on the front lines of a war for our state’s and our nation’s values, and James Dickey is eminently well-suited to the role. James will do the best job at uniting conservatives not merely to make a valiant last stand at the Alamo, but to turn the tide, and emerge victorious at San Jacinto.

Make no mistake. Nancy Pelosi declared last year that Texas is ground-zero for the progressive invasion. They are coming, and they’re armed-to-the-teeth with outside money and misinformation. The threat has never been greater, and as goes Texas, so goes the nation.

Only delegates can vote, so become a delegate following the March 3 primary elections (I’ll soon detail how), get to the RPT Convention in Houston, May 14-16, and vote to keep James Dickey as RPT Chairman.

Will we fiddle while Rome burns?