In 2003, my wife, Mariya, and I chose Plano as our new home to start a family, just as have people from all around the world.  Plano is the City of Excellence, annually ranked among America's best cities, safest cities, and best places to raise a family.  Our city's unique character and culture make Plano the shining star of North Texas, and I believe that's worth fighting to preserve.  It's for that reason that I serve on Plano City Council.


I officially fulfilled all of my campaign promises a little over one year into my first term, and that was just a warm-up. I ran on several key things, but it’s important to note that these accomplishments were a team effort. I’m just one vote in eight, and I couldn’t have done it alone. My deepest thanks to the council members and staff who made it happen. See the issues I'm championing that are important to YOU here.


The people of Plano deserve transparent, accountable government.  I'm striving to ensure every citizen's voice is heard, that the city continues to provide the world-class services it's supposed to, and that the Plano City Council treats your money as YOURS!

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