I endorse Rhonda Anderson

I Endorse Rhonda Anderson for State Republican Executive Committee Woman, Senate District 1

  • 07-02-2020
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Look at Rhonda to see what walking the walk looks like. Our liberties are increasingly at stake, and Rhonda Anderson shows what it’s going to take to make sure we remain #TexasStrong.

When Rhonda Anderson saw that the Longview City Council was entertaining a measure to increase property taxes up to 8% this year based on a Texas Municipal League (TML) advisement, she didn’t waste words or time–she sprang into action. For years, the Texas grassroots fought tooth and nail for property tax reform, and we finally saw it passed last year, on the final day of the Texas legislative session. Among other things, SB 2 lowered the limit to which Texas cities and counties could raise our property taxes without voter approval from 8 percent to 3.5 percent.

However, the TML asserts that Texas’s disaster declaration allows local taxing authorities to bypass that, and go ahead and raise taxes by up to 8 percent again. For those keeping score, an 8 percent tax hike is more than twice as big as a 3.5 percent tax hike. That’s not something Texans need to be burdened with, especially in the current economic calamity. Rhonda fought, she called, she organized—she got the job done, and the Longview City Council rejected the measure.

Similarly, when another confederate statue was threatened to be torn down in Gregg County, Rhonda rightly recognized the principle that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Rhonda mobilized, making sure people knew that if we erase the darkest part of our past, our future generations cannot understand how far we have come, let alone what it took to get here.

Nancy Pelosi said last year that Texas is “ground zero” for Democrats in 2020, and our liberties are increasingly at stake. What’s it going to take to combat that? Leadership, and real grassroots know-how. As an SREC Committee Woman, she’ll be able not merely to faithfully represent her constituents in SD 1, but to effectively fight the battle that’s coming.

That’s why Rhonda Anderson has my support and endorsement. I encourage you to give her yours as well.