Shelby for Collin County Republican Party Chair

I’m Running for Collin County Republican Party Chair

  • 12-17-2023
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I’m running for Collin County Republican Party Chair, and I ask for your support and your vote in the March 5th Republican Primary Election.

I’m going to say something that perhaps no candidate or chair of either major party has ever said (which also proves a political consultant isn’t running my campaign, since they’d tell me, “What the heck are you doing?! Don’t say that!”): I don’t like our two-party system. George Washington didn’t like it when it was a three-party system, and it’s only gotten worse. In his farewell address, he warned of the tribalism inherent in political parties. I wrote about that among other things nearly three years ago in my article, Communification: 7 Appeals to the American People.

I don’t have a solution to that, because the first party to blink and fracture in two gives the other a monopoly on government, but many recognize the issue and are seeking alternatives. Moreover, I believe we’re on a path to large-scale violence in this nation–maybe in a year, or a hundred years–but I desperately want to get us off that path.

So as long as this is the case, I’m with the party that best stands for Liberty.

The Republican Party was founded to prevent the expansion of slavery. Two years later, Abraham Lincoln became a Republican, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and later the American Civil War officially ended with Juneteenth, Jubilee Day, right here in Texas. The Republican Party then went on to pass and ratify the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery in the U.S. Constitution. Segregation was later ended with the Civil Rights Acts with overwhelmingly more support from the Republicans than Democrats, and the myth of the “Big Switch” was born (and thoroughly debunked by Dinesh D’Souza).

To this day the Republican Party has most advanced the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, imperfectly recognized at our nation’s founding, that “all men are created equal” and best represents my core values of Liberty and Individual Sovereignty.

I have three straightforward (but not simple) objectives as Chair of the Collin County Republican Party:

1) Unite the Party

It’s no secret that the Republican Party has seen increasing infighting among various factions, which has caused us to take our eyes off the ball. I believe constructive dissent is healthy, but it’s getting less constructive and less healthy. We can and should encourage challenges, respectful dissent, and differences of opinion. But I’m also a strong adherent of the Reagan principle that “the person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally, not a 20 percent traitor.” We must unite the party. We achieved it, together, in Plano after I was elected to city council, and I’m confident we can achieve it in the Collin County Republican Party.

2) Modernize our Electoral Approach

The GOP is using a decades-old playbook. My career has been in business, technology, and marketing. I’ve run in two elections, won them both, and led the campaign strategy myself, with numerous volunteers. If elected as Collin County GOP Chair I intend to modernize our data collection, storage, analytics, and usage. I likewise plan to drive solid voter outreach and engagement through all effective channels, resonance, and clear calls to action. Which leads me to…

3) Reach the Republicans Who Don’t Know They’re Republican

Every election cycle Republicans complain that we have a messaging problem. I think we have a bigger outreach problem. It doesn’t matter what our message is if someone isn’t listening to us to begin with. Who are we actually reaching with our messaging? Republicans! We’re preaching to the choir. However, based on personal experience and observation, I believe that at least 10 percent of Democrats, and even more Independents, align with Republican values, but don’t know it because they don’t actually know what either party really stands for. We saw some of them emerge in 2020. Many vote how they vote because that’s how their parents or peers vote. And let’s face it, in today’s cancel culture, it’s safe to be a Democrat. How do we reach these folks? In the only way possible–by interacting with them meaningfully and personally; by getting out of our own echo chamber, getting out in the world and forging meaningful 1-on-1 connections with them so they can see first-hand that we’re not fascist devils, and they begin to question their own assumptions.

Most major elections are close–within 5 points. A 10 percent conversion is a 20-point electoral shift…

I don’t much care for terms like “big tent” because it implies we should change our positions to bring in more people; but then we would stand for nothing but winning. Compromise on detail–never on principle. Our tent has room for all to join, but the poles that hold it up are rooted in place.

To that end, I’m not going to waste my time demonizing Democrats. That red meat may play well with some, but it doesn’t win elections or advance the cause of Liberty. I’ve forged good relationships with people across the political spectrum and I haven’t budged an inch in my principles.

Here are a few of my quotes that I live by. Feel free to use them; no attribution required:

     “90 percent of our issues would evaporate if we treated one another as fellow children of God first, and everything else second.”

     “There are 8 billion other people in this world, and you can’t accomplish anything meaningful without working with some of them.”

     “If I treat you with respect, I may never bring you around to my way of thinking. But if I insult and denigrate you, I’m guaranteed never to bring you around to my way of thinking.”

So what is our objective? Is it to proclaim our ideological purity? Or to move the needle for Liberty?


I’ve been elected twice to and currently serve on Plano City Council, have moved conservative legislation in Austin, served as a Republican Precinct Chair, was elected as an Alternate Delegate for Donald Trump in 2016, and have served twice on the Republican Party of Texas Legislative Priorities Committee, in 2020 and 2022. I have experience and a long list of accomplishments which has prepared me well to serve as Collin County Republican Party Chair.

Once again I ask for your support and your vote in the March 5th Republican Primary Election, and together, we’ll bury the needle.