Shelby Williams - Promises Made, Promises Kept

Top 10 Campaign Priorities

These were the top 10 priorities I campaigned on.

  1. [FULFILLED] Adopt the Effective Tax Rate to keep your taxes flat for at least two years to get a handle on the out-of-control tax and budget increases (40% on existing homeowners in the last five years; 50% on all property types). We have now done this four years in a row!
  2. [FULFILLED] Critically evaluate the budget to drive maximum value and eliminate waste. Having kept property taxes flat for four years in a row, we have driven increasing value to maintain high quality city services.
  3. [FULFILLED] Act on the Plano Tomorrow Plan petition, lawfully submitted years ago. We repealed the Plano Tomorrow Plan in 2020.
  4. [ONGOING] Preserve and enhance our suburban quality of life by responsibly managing our growth and development to ensure population growth is modest (we are already more than 10% over-populated according to the max population called for when the city was built out)
  5. [IN PROGRESS] Extend dedicated left- and right-turn lanes where feasible to alleviate turning traffic spilling into and blocking the main thoroughfare
  6. [FULFILLED] Re-time our traffic lights at least annually. We are also making significant technology improvements.
  7. [IN PROGRESS] Drive implementation of bio-filtration coupled with ozonation in ALL water stations in the North Texas Municipal Water District, as was done in the Dallas Water District, to eliminate the need for the annual “chlorine burn” and give us clean, safe, pure water at ALL times
  8. [IN PROGRESS] Publish ALL relevant financial information on the City Budget Portal—including Income Statement, Balance Sheet, etc. so that all Plano citizens can easily understand how their tax dollars are being used
  9. [PARTIALLY FULFILLED] Publicly release city council meeting agenda and materials a full week in advance rather than the Thursday night before the Monday council meeting
  10. [IN PROGRESS] Create a city council voting record web page  on the city’s website so anyone can look up any council member’s vote at any time, with links to all relevant information provided for the vote,  to provide far greater transparency and voter information

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