Water Quality

The chlorine burn comes every spring. A 2019 Herald Banner article says, “While a nuisance and possibly worse for those with a high sensitivity to chlorine, NTMWD officials maintain that the chlorine levels are well within safe standards”.

I don’t expect my water to be “a nuisance or possibly worse.” I expect it to be clean, pure, and safe at ALL times, and I will fight hard to make sure the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) implements bio-filters in a timely fashion and is subject to the stringent oversight for which the area City Councils are responsible.

The North Texas Municipal Water District boasts the largest ozonation plant in the country. I want to make sure that ozonation is supported and augmented by Biologically Active Filtration (BAF) at all of our water plants.

Moreover, the inequitable water rates that Plano had to pay due to an awful contract with the Water District way back when was addressed in a Herculean effort by our former Mayor, City Manager, and City Attorney. Fixing the rate disparity required unanimous agreement by the thirteen member cities of the NTMWD, meaning that if Plano were to pay less, some would have to pay more. This proved that if this issue with the Water District can be resolved, then any issue with the Water District can be resolved, and I pledge to work with the officials in the other member cities to ensure the best thing is done for everyone in the District.

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