Plano City Council Preview – January 24, 2022

  • 01-23-2022
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You can sign up online to speak at council meetings in person or via Zoom online at this link up to 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting, which is typically at the 7:00 Regular Meeting. You may alternatively share your thoughts by emailing by 4:00 PM the day of the meeting or emailing the council members any time at our email addresses here. The council meeting will be livestreamed on and on the City of Plano Facebook page.

Joint Meeting: City Council & Planning and Zoning Commission (starts at 3:00 PM)

(Review agenda here)

  • Executive Session for legal advice regarding Comprehensive Plan dashboards, findings required by ordinance, Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance alignment, and Planning & Zoning reports to Council.
  • Open Session Presentation, Discussion and Exercises:
    • Development Process
    • Comprehensive Plan, Rezoning and Findings
    • Development Regulations
    • Alignment of Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance


Executive Session (starts at 5:00 PM)

(Review agenda here)

  • Civil Remedies: Chapter 125 Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Nuisance Abatement
  • Civil Remedies: Massage Establishments
  • Economic Development: discuss a financial offer or other incentive to a business prospect to locate, stay, or expand in Plano and consider any commercial and financial information from the business prospect


No Specific Preliminary Open Meeting  Agenda Items


Regular Meeting (starts at 7:00 PM)

Notable Consent Agenda items are at the bottom of this post.

(Review agenda here)

  • Oath of Office: Jenny Zeilfelder – Retirement Security Plan Committee


Comments of Public Interest: every meeting, anyone can speak about anything for up to three minutes, with 30 total minutes allotted for this segment.


Items for Individual Consideration

  • Item (1): to review, as required every 3 years under Texas law, the need to continue the City of Plano’s Juvenile Curfew Ordinance
  • Item (2): approve a Service and Assessment Plan and Assessment Roll for the Downtown Plano Public Improvement District (PID) (here’s a good primer on PIDs)
  • Item (3): to approve a Development Agreement to provide $1,626,254 in public infrastructure funding to the the K Avenue Lofts Project (taxpayer-subsidized housing at the corner of K Ave. and Park Blvd.). The Plano Housing Authority previously offered to purchase this property for approximately $600,000 (if I recall correctly), then when council wanted instead to put the land out to market to see what offers we might generate, Plano Housing Authority came in with the winning bid, by a significant margin, of $2 million. Council approved the sale of the land, and the development of the taxpayer-subsidized apartment complex. The property and improvements are owned by Plano Housing Authority, which is a non-profit entity, so that no property taxes will have to be paid.


Notable Consent Agenda Items

Total of $7,516,498 of your money in proposed expenses

  • Item (b): $623,904 for the Memorial Park Donor Recognition Plaza
  • Item (c): $1,395,335 for Hoblitzelle Park Trail Replacement at Red River
  • Item (d): $2,180,660 for 10 years of data processing, printing, and mailing of utility bills and inserts
  • Item (e): $2,595,507 for 7 refuse truck chassis and bodies
  • Item (f)decrease of -$176,589 for OSP Fiber Cabling Network Phase II
  • Item (g): $614,275  for Landscape Architect professional services for Bob Woodruff Park North Core Renovation Construction Documents
  • Item (h): $283,406 for Records Management System (RMS) software maintenance for police records, automated field reporting, and evidence management
  • Items (i)-(n): restated Economic Development Incentive Agreements with several companies because, let’s face it, the nature of office work has changed
  • Item (o): accept the findings and opinions of the Annual Audit (I met with the auditors after their audit)
  • Items (q)-(aa): repeal numerous City Building Codes and replace them with recent versions of various National and International codes


Review City Council agendas and minutes here.