Plano City Council Work Session Preview

Plano City Council Preview – July 24, 2023 & July 26, 2023

  • 07-23-2023
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This week we have a twofer: tomorrow, July 24th, we have a regular city council meeting with a bonus Economic Development Working Session, and on Wednesday, July 26th, we’ll review the City Manager’s recommended 2023-2024 budget (see agenda here).

You can sign up online to speak at council meetings in person or via Zoom online at this link up to 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting, which is typically at the 7:00 Regular Meeting. You may alternatively share your thoughts by emailing the council members any time at our email addresses here, or by 4:00 PM the day of the meeting at The council meeting will be live-streamed on and on the City of Plano Facebook page.


Economic Development Work Session (starts at 4:00 PM)

(Review agenda here)


Executive Session (starts at 5:00 PM)

(Review agenda here)

  • Legal Advice – Short-Term Rental Registration and Regulation
  • Economic Development Consideration
  • Real Estate – Oak Point Area
  • Personnel – Reappointments – Building Standards Commission


Preliminary Open Meeting

(Whenever Executive Session, which starts at 5:00 PM, ends)

(Review agenda here)

  • Personnel – Reappointments – Building Standards Commission
  • Parks, Recreation, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan Briefing
  • Discussion and direction re: Legacy Business Park Sentiment Survey
  • Consideration of 2024 Council Meeting Dates and amend November 2023 Meeting Dates


Regular Meeting (starts at 7:00 PM)

Notable Consent Agenda items are at the bottom of this post.

(Review agenda here)

  • Proclamation:  July 26, 2023, is the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Presentation: Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center staff members are being recognized for their rescue efforts

Comments of Public Interest: at every meeting, anyone can speak about anything for up to three minutes, with 30 total minutes allotted for this segment.


Items for Individual Consideration

  • Item (1): Repeal and replace the Parks, Recreation, Trails and Open Space Master Plan
  • Item (2): Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2023-002 to incorporate the changes to the Park Master Plan in Item #1 above
  • Item (3): Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2023-002 to incorporate amendments to the Facilities & Infrastructure Policy
  • Item (4): Resolution to adopt the 2023-2024 Action Plan pertaining to the use of HUD funds


Notable Consent Agenda Items

Total of $33,581,106 of your money in proposed expenses

  • There are a ton of items on the Consent Agenda totaling $33,581,106 in expenses. There are so many large ones, rather than detail them all here, I’ll take the simpler route and invite you to review them directly on the agenda here.
  • Item (ab): To approve an Economic Development Incentive Agreement for Tax Rebate for calendar years 2024-2031 with CoreWeave, Inc
  • Item (ac): To find that Oncor’s application for approval to amend its Distribution Cost Recovery Factor to increase distribution rates within the City should be denied


Review City Council agendas and minutes here.