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You Can’t Handle the Truth!

  • 05-25-2019
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The Dallas Morning News and NBC 5 have both declined to report any of the facts below, despite being provided all the evidence, gift-wrapped. IT’S UP TO YOU! So get the word out! The people of Plano deserve TRUTH and TRANSPARENCY, and the Runoff Election is only two weeks away!
I have dealt exclusively in fact throughout this campaign, and I always will. I have no need to get personal or make things up. The truth offers all the ammunition I’ll ever need, and I’ve outlined it all below, with links to public, independently verifiable evidence at the bottom.
In stark contrast, my incumbent opponent and his operatives have dealt in half-truths and misdirection from the very beginning, and in desperation switched gears to wholesale fabrication after I earned Governor Abbott’s endorsement. Challenge them to provide evidence and the whole truth and see what you get. Below is just a sampling of some of my favorites among the misleading and patently false claims they have made (let me know your favorite!):
  • My opponent has lowered the tax “rate” three years in a row [pay no attention to the actual 30 percent tax $$$ increase behind the curtain]
  • Plano has the lowest city taxes of any major area city
  • We Love Plano is a citizen’s group who endorsed the mayor’s candidates based on a thorough vetting process
  • I attacked my opponent’s Christian Faith [I myself am a devout Christian; he quickly removed the video after numerous people asked him what I supposedly said]
  • I am a domestic abuser
  • I want to replace the U.S. Constitution
  • I am bought and paid for by West Texas oilmen [from which comes $0 of my funding]
  • I oppose officers to protect students from school shooters
  • I oppose police and fire
  • I oppose road repairs [What do we want? Potholes! When do we want them? NOW!]
  • I oppose supporting victims of sexual assault
  • And of course no list of smears would be complete without the tried and true: I am a racist
Now for some cold hard truth…
We Love Plano is a fraudulent PAC set up by Plano Mayor Harry LaRosiliere to mask huge sums of outside high-density developer money to buy this election, and the PAC had only one expense: Austin-based political consulting firm Murphy Nasica, widely regarded as the most underhanded political consultancy in the state. $180,000 flowed through We Love Plano as of the most recent public release of campaign finance reports a month ago. My incumbent opponent alone received 86% ($56,000) of his money from outside high-density developers and real estate interests.  Do you think that ratio has gone anywhere but up since then?
As of a month ago, my incumbent opponent had received a staggering $56,000 from high-density developers likely to have projects coming for a vote before Council in the next term (a couple of those votes have already come during the campaign); that money accounted for 86% of his campaign funding. That is what we typically refer to as “corruption” or “pay-to-play.” (As an aside, how’s he going to help traffic like that?). The overwhelming majority of that money was funneled through the now-discredited We Love Plano PAC to pay for the aforementioned services of Murphy Nasica–a fact which my opponent and his running mates tried to further hide by deceitfully describing the $130,000 in in-kind contributions only as “Grassroots,” in direct violation of Texas Ethics Commission rules which require disclosure of the nature of all in-kind contributions.
We Love Plano deliberately deceived voting seniors in Plano when it sent out a mailer for mail-in ballot registration claiming they “have met with all the candidates for City Council this year” and on that basis chose to support my opponent and his running mates. This, of course, was a complete fabrication because they did not meet with anyone, because We Love Plano is a front group for hiding money, not a group of citizens (see above).
My incumbent opponent has voted for EVERY tax increase since coming into office just four short years ago, amounting to a 30.7% increase on existing Plano homeowners, despite my incumbent opponent having originally run on a platform of low taxes.
My opponent has been touting since January, when he took out an ad in Community Impact, that he has lowered the tax “rate” three years in a row, counting on all of us to be too stupid to understand the difference between the tax “rate” and the actual tax “burden.” The fact is that when property values skyrocket, even if you fiddle with the rate by a hair, you get a big tax INCREASE. He will NEVER acknowledge how much he has increased your actual tax bill.
My opponent has taken to proclaiming that Plano has the “lowest city taxes” in the area. The truth is that Plano has the 8th HIGHEST city property taxes of ANY North Texas city with a population greater than 100,000. Was he not paying attention at the January 28 City Council meeting, which he attended, where the truth was made known by the city staff? (Link to video provided in this post). Or is this another attempt at misrepresentation and misdirection? YOU be the judge when early voting begins starting Tuesday, May 28!
When he first ran for council four years ago, my opponent was supported by most of the people and organizations now supporting me, and he had a long list of endorsements, as I now have (, but now, his website doesn’t even have an endorsements page at all. He dare not advertise that he’s lost his support from among We the People, counting on outside developers for his money, and people unaware of what he’s done in the past four years (or indeed in this election) for his votes.


The address given for the We Love Plano PAC on its campaign finance report is exactly the same address as that provided on the mayor’s last publicly-released campaign finance report, down to the mailbox number: 1900 Preston Rd, #267, PMB 204, Plano, TX 75093
We Love Plano campaign finance reports from Texas Ethics Commission website:
City of Plano candidate campaign finance reports from City of Plano website:
My opponent’s defamatory attack mailers, one of which hit just yesterday, reportedly to several people outside Plano (in these, he wasn’t even hiding behind the We Love Plano PAC):
This requires some math using both the tax rates voted upon and adopted and the valuation reports from the Collin Central Appraisal District; all provided below.
Taxable valuation records for Plano, including average appraised home value, from Collin Central Appraisal District…/vi…/45-certified-value-summaries
Video of the January 28, 2019 City Council meeting, at which my opponent was in attendance. At 15:00 they start covering the tax RATE. At 18:04 they show that Plano has the 8th highest tax BURDEN (exact middle of the pack):