slanderous mailer

A Tale of Two Slanders

  • 05-25-2019
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The new round of attack mailers has hit, and my incumbent opponent has doubled down on his demonstrated willingness to say and do whatever he thinks he has to to win!

Note the language in the mailer on the left, from before the May 4th election. It says I opposed the BUDGET with spending for those things, which means I cautioned against another bloated budget and massive surplus that happened to include a modest increase for what should actually be top city priorities.

When that didn’t work, the mailer on the right went out this week for the runoff, and my opponent decided to ditch the clever double-speak and just resort to bald-faced lies in desperation.

Both mailers cite my comments at the 9/10/2018 city council meeting as their source. For anyone interested in the TRUTH, you’re welcome to view my public comments at that meeting at the bottom of my homepage.

Early voting starts NEXT TUESDAY, May 28! Election Day is Saturday, June 8th! Stand with me for truth and transparency!