Plano City Council Preview

Plano City Council Preview – October 11, 2021

  • 10-10-2021
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You can sign up online to speak at council meetings in person or via Zoom online at this link up to 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting, which is typically at the 7:00 Regular Meeting. You may alternatively share your thoughts by emailing the council members any time at our email addresses here, or by 4:00 PM the day of the meeting at The council meeting will be livestreamed on and on the City of Plano Facebook page.


Executive Session (starts at 5:00 PM)

(Review agenda here)
  • Personnel Reappointments/Appointments: Planning and Zoning Commission Members and Chair

Preliminary Open Meeting

(Whenever Executive Session, which starts at 5:00 PM, ends)
(Review agenda here)
  • Reappointments/Appointments: Planning and Zoning Commission Members and Chair
  • a) Animal Shelter Advisory Committee – Member
  • b) Cultural Affairs (Arts) Commission – Member, Interim Member and Chair
  • c) Library Advisory Board – Members and Chair
  • d) Parks and Recreation Planning Board – Member
  • Police Department Update
  • Parks and Recreation Departmental Report
  • Denton Central Appraisal District Board Nomination
  • Council Rules of Procedure
  • Holiday Bell Ringing

Regular Meeting (starts at 7:00 PM)

Note: the Consent Agenda is at the bottom of this post.
(Review agenda here).
  • Oaths of Office: Animal Shelter Advisory Committee, Board of Adjustment, Building Standards Commission, Civil Service Commission, Community Relations Commission, Cultural Arts Commission, Heritage Commission, Library Advisory Board, Parks and Recreation Planning Board, Plano Housing Authority, Retirement Security Plan Committee, Senior Advisory Board, Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone No. 2 & 3 Boards

Comments of Public Interest: every meeting, anyone can speak about anything for up to three minutes, with 30 total minutes allotted for this segment.


Items for Individual Consideration

NOTE: notable items from the Consent Agenda are at the bottom of this post.
  • Item (1): Various modifications to the zoning for the Collin Creek development for things like adding public storage/mini-warehouse, modify usable open space locations and standards, building setbacks, standards relating to walls and fences, etc. This does not change the housing.
  • Item (2): Resolution to nominate an individual(s) to the Collin County Central Appraisal District (CAD) Board of Directors.

Notable Consent Agenda Items

Total of $3,326,073 of your money in proposed expenses
  • Item (c): $1,570,249 for removal and replacement of 1,029 linear foot of screening wall along east side of Red Wolf Lane and 1,473 linear feet of screening wall, sidewalks and portions of alley pavement along eastbound 15th Street from Pittman Creek to Westwood Drive
  • Item (d): $58,324 additional (over $45,000 original) and four annual renewals of $174,680 each (total $802,004 for four years) for lab analysis for drugs for the Police Department.
  • Item (f): $294,283 for upgrading our traffic signal controller hardware and software, traffic signal cabinets, and traffic management system software. The upgrades will allow for improved traffic signal timing and analysis to help relieve traffic congestion.
  • Item (g): $340,252 for the purchase of three sewer easements along George Bush Turnpike for the installation of a parallel sewer line to increase sanitary sewer capacity to avoid overflows.
  • Item (j): Wastewater (sewage) rate increase


Review City Council agendas and minutes here.