Plano City Council Preview

Plano City Council Preview – June 27, 2022

  • 06-26-2022
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This will be the last council meeting until we come back from the July break on July 25 and make up for the break with two meetings in one week.

You can sign up online to speak at council meetings in person or via Zoom online at this link up to 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting, which is typically at the 7:00 Regular Meeting. You may alternatively share your thoughts by emailing the council members any time at our email addresses here, or by 4:00 PM the day of the meeting at The council meeting will be livestreamed on and on the City of Plano Facebook page.


Executive Session (starts at 5:00 PM)

(Review agenda here)

  • Economic Development – consider an economic development offer or incentive
  • Real Estate – Spring Creek & K Avenue
  • Real Estate – Downtown Plano
  • Personnel – Appointments/Reappointments:
    • Mayor Pro Tem
    • Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
    • Board of Adjustment
    • Building Standards Commission
    • Heritage Commission
    • Planning & Zoning Commission


Preliminary Open Meeting

(Whenever Executive Session, which starts at 5:00 PM, ends)

(Review agenda here)

  • Personnel – Appointments/Reappointments:
    • Mayor Pro Tem
    • Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
    • Board of Adjustment
    • Building Standards Commission
    • Heritage Commission
    • Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Personnel – Reappointments
    • Animal Shelter Advisory Committee
    • Civil Service Commission
    • Community Relations Commission
    • Cultural Arts Commission
    • Library Advisory Board
    • Parks and Recreation Planning Board
    • Plano Housing Authority
    • Retirement Security Plan Committee
    • Senior Advisory Board
    • Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zone No. 4 Board
  • Oncor Electric Delivery Presentation
  • Short Term Rental Presentation
  • Discussion and possible direction about volunteering program changes


Regular Meeting (starts at 7:00 PM)

Notable Consent Agenda items are at the bottom of this post.

(Review agenda here)

  • Proclamation:  July is National Parks & Recreation Month


Comments of Public Interest: every meeting, anyone can speak about anything for up to three minutes, with 30 total minutes allotted for this segment.


Items for Individual Consideration

  • Item (1): To no longer require sign-posting on private property for city-initiated (not applicant-initiated) zoning cases, and to instead allow the city to provide notice on a platform. This would eliminate the need for the city to obtain temporary easements in order to post notice of proposed zoning changes initiated by the city.
  • Item (2): Remove the designation of Arcade from the city Code of Ordinances, and rescind all Specific Use Permits (SUPs) for Arcade, because modern Virtual Reality and video game establishments bear no resemblance to what Arcades of old were like, which you have to watch Stranger Things to get a glimpse of


Notable Consent Agenda Items

Total of $10,969,129 of your money in proposed expenses

  • Item (b): $3,296,285 for Arterial Concrete Repair along Hedgcoxe Road, from Legacy Drive to Custer Road. This is to repair 15,000 square yards of arterial concrete, 72,000 square feet of sidewalk, and 155 barrier free ramps
  • Item (c): $138,960 for marketing services, organization, and delivery of 8,000 engraved pavers for Veterans Recognition Pavers at Memorial Park. The bricks may be purchased through the memorial brick program for $65 each, which includes engraving, installation, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Item (d): $924,505 for 130 SCOTT X3 Pro Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA–not to be confused with SCUBA, which serves the same purpose, but these are meant for above-ground use so our firefighters don’t choke to death on toxic fumes)
  • Item (e): $195,747 for a Bomb Robot ICOR Caliber Flex Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD). Included here not so much because it’s notable, but because it’s pretty cool
  • Item (g): $2,092,614 for 6 Wheel Loaders–5 for Composting to load grinders with raw materials, maintain compost windrows, mix materials, and load trucks for deliveries, and 1 for Streets to load construction debris onto trucks for disposal
  • Item (h): $1,725,900 for 8 Refuse (Trash) Truck Chassis
  • Item (i): $582,309 for 3 years of Salesforce licensing
  • Item (j): $642,480 for 3 years for Rapid7 Management Solution Services for cyber-security
  • Item (l): Collin Creek West Public Improvement District (PID) assessment on the property for special improvements due 1/31/2023 for $976,548 comprised in this 2nd year of amortization of $660,915 in interest, $266,000 in principal, and $49,633 in collection costs. The expense is paid for by bonds repaid through special assessments on property within the defined area of the PID.
  • Item (m): Collin Creek East PID Assessment due 1/31/2023 for $1,433,293.75 in interest and $87,233 in annual collection costs. Just like in item (l) above, this is paid for by bonds, which are in turn repaid through special assessments on property within the PID.
  • Item (p): amend Chapter 12 of the city code of ordinances to prohibit standing, sitting and loitering on a roadway median measuring less than 6 feet in width; and to prohibit pedestrians from approaching a motor vehicle in operation on a major thoroughfare, freeway, or access road
  • Item (q): remove the school zones on Los Rios Boulevard and Los Robles Drive
  • Item (r): establish a school zone on Enchanted Ridge Drive


Review City Council agendas and minutes here.